NEPOMUK D6.1 - First version of the Backbone and Connector Infrastructure

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NEPOMUK D6.1 - First version of the Backbone and Connector Infrastructure

D6.1First version of the Backbone and Connector Infrastructure
Publication date30/9/2006
Dissemination levelPublic

Executive summary

The objective of this deliverable is to document a first starting point of the NEPOMUK architecture as well as the first prototype of the backbone and connector infrastructure. The pre-condition for the architecture is that it should lead to a basis for standardization efforts.

In order to achieve this, we applied the following methodical steps:

  • We defined the terminology and investigated the technological background necessary for the envisioned Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) of the NEPOMUK system.
  • We reviewed the state-of-the art for Semantic Desktop implementations with respect of the underlying architectural principles.
  • We identified the need for a NEPOMUK specific software engineering lifecycle, starting with a bottom-up approach.
  • We designed the NEPOMUK backbone and connector infrastructure in a way that supports a later standardization of the architecture, by imposing a language and component neutral API and framework on the components and their communication.
The design follows the principle of abstraction, but foresees dedicated efficient native implementation as well as federations for cross-platform scenarios.

The work resulted in the following:

  • A starting point NEPOMUK architecture, which describes a first harmonized view on the early software services and components
  • A backbone and connector infrastructure framework and API.
  • Implementations of the backbone and connector infrastructure in the form of libraries. Firstly, a reference architecture using platform neutral web services infrastructure. Secondly, native implementations for specific platforms.
In conclusion, we have a first version of the connector and backbone infrastructure which enables and facilitates the integration of the various services using open semantic web standards.

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