NEPOMUK D6.2.A - Intermediate NEPOMUK Architecture

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NEPOMUK D6.2.A - Intermediate NEPOMUK Architecture

D6.2First version of the Backbone and Connector Infrastructure
Publication date03/09/2007
Dissemination levelPublic

Executive summary

This deliverable presents the current progress in the architectural committments of the NEPOMUK project. It builds upon the outlines, approaches, and goals documented in deliverable D6.1 and serves as basis for further discussion and as an intermediary step towards the final NEPOMUK architecture.

The NEPOMUK architecture assembles the different understandings in the project to reach a common description of the structure, abstractions and relations of the social semantic desktop main aspects.

After introducing the terminology used in this deliverable, we present the methodology used to merge the main knowledge flows of the project. The NEPOMUK engineering cycle combines the activities required to achieve the project goals. We present the scenarios and methodology used to formalise the case study requirements and the resulting abstracted list of functionalities.

The main results of this document are :

  • A middleware-based architecture supporting the integration of components,
  • A service-oriented modularization based on standard communication techniques,
  • Ontological support for social-semantic-based Middleware.
The security implications and requirements of the social semantic desktop are discussed and explained. We give a possible scenario and architectural solutions.

We combine and discuss the relations between the current implemented components, the architecture services and the studied functionalities. We analyse the missing parts of the architecture and implementation and give some explanations and possible solutions.

We conclude by looking at the current issues, evaluation and next steps of the architecture.

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