NEPOMUK Deliverable D7.2: KDE community involvement

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NEPOMUK Deliverable D7.2: KDE community involvement

 D7.2: KDE community involvement
Publication date31 December 2006
Dissemination levelPublic
File linkD7.2_v11_NEPOMUK_KDE_Community_Involvement.pdf

Executive Summary

To be really successful, the Nepomuk project needs not only to realize and deploy an innovative approach for collaborative knowledge work, but also to integrate the Nepomuk framework into mainstream desktop environments and development platforms. Community work is hence a very important part of the project. Already in early stages of the project open-source communities have to be involved in the development process to make them aware of the progress in Nepomuk.

Nepomuk-KDE is a sub-project of Nepomuk which aims to provide a full implementation of the standards and APIs defined in Nepomuk on the KDE Desktop by introducing the technologies to the KDE community and helping with an integration as a central KDE technology.

KDE is a powerful Free Software graphical desktop environment for Linux and Unix workstations. It consists of an elaborate development framework, a large collection of desktop applications including a complete office suite and all-day-tools like an email client and a powerful internet browser. KDE is the leading desktop environment on Unix derivates. The semantic features found in KDE are however minimalistic if existant at all. Nepomuk-KDE sets out to change this.

Steps have been undertaken to get the KDE community involved in Nepomuk. The Nepomuk-KDE project was presented at the annual KDE developer conference aKademy 2006 in Dublin. A wiki has been created to present the goals and progress of the project, and also to raise interest across the community. Many discussions have been initiated within the KDE community. As a rst result of the Nepomuk-KDE project, the Nepomuk-KDE middlewareand the core services providing important features like RDF storage have been implemented. They integrate well with the existing KDE framework. Two simple annotation and tagging applications have been developed to present the capabilities of the Nepomuk-KDE framework. An existing desktop search tool has been enhanced to also search for metadata created via the Nepomuk-KDE tools.

The Nepomuk-KDE project is already a success: a working implementation of the Nepomuk middleware including the core services has been realized and made public to the KDE community, and the Nepomuk-KDE components are scheduled to be included into the kdelibs, which is the core of KDE which each KDE component is based upon. This will drastically improve the awareness of Nepomuk-KDE and Nepomuk in general. Hopefully it will also bring new developers to the effort and help speeding up the realization of a social semantic KDE desktop.

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