Public NEPOMUK Deliverables

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Public NEPOMUK Deliverables

D1.1Interactive Semantic Wikis31.12.2006
D3.1Task Management Model31.12.2006
D4.1Distributed Search System - Basic Infrastructure31.12.2006
D5.1Community Support Software, First Version31.06.2007
D5.2Metadata Sharing and Recommendation Application, First Prototype17.12.2007
D6.1First version of the Backbone and Connector Infrastructure30.09.2006
D6.2.AIntermediate NEPOMUK Architecture03.09.2007
D7.1NEPOMUK Collaborative Portal31.03.2006
D7.2KDE Community Involvement31.12.2006
D7.3Eclipse Community Involvement07.08.2007
D7.4Mozilla Community Involvement18.01.2008
D11.1Mandriva Community Scenario Report30.09.2006
D11.2Mandriva Community Case Study - First Prototype of A Social Semantic Help Desk15.10.2007

Software & Demonstrators

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A first reference implementation of some functionalities can be found in the GNOWSIS prototype

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